Wiring diagrams

To ensure accurate electrical schematics, we use Eplan P8 in A.E.I., one of the the most powerful CAE software packages and a leader in electrical design.

Clear, complete and easily readable documentation is the foundation for effective and easily maintainable automation.


We make electrical equipment for automation, MCC for drives, Motor Control Center, power distribution.

We build our equipment with well-tested standard structures and adapt them fully to meet customers’ needs. The care we put into internal component layout means we can optimize size and leave space for future upgrades.
We also make special equipment, for example:

  • Equipment installed in containers
  • Open equipment for switchgear rooms (without doors)
  • Equipment with air conditioning based on air/water heat exchangers
  • Equipment for highly corrosive environments
  • Equipment for potentially explosive environments (ex-proof)


The system control place must allow operators to control the machine effectively.

The system control place must allow operators to control the machine effectively.
The control desk, control boxes and local control panels must be designed around both routine and extraordinary control needs. It is essential to combine good ergonomics with carefully chosen controls and a layout that takes into account both the required functions and operators’ needs.

At A.E.I. we make control desks based on customers’ requests, using highly industrialized structures, both standard and custom, to meet individual needs.

Specifically, we make:

  • Desks with stainless steel surfaces
  • Desks with moving parts
  • Mobile desks
  • Wrap-around control stations


Thorough pre-testing saves time and reduces uncertainties during commissioning!
That is why all the equipment we build is tested by our test department. The testing includes both static and dynamic tests, testing the converters with suitable test motors. “Nothing leaves without being tested and verified”. All equipment is of course accompanied by a certificate of conformity.