After-sales service is of great importance and A.E.I. customers can count on:

  • remote assistance via internet VPN
  • prompt action by technical personnel worldwide
  • spare parts service


We at A.E.I. organize specific training courses for customers’ technical personnel. These courses are are prepared with special care because we are aware that the training technical and maintenance personnel ensures long-term equipment reliability. These courses are tailored to customers and their needs. They are often based on the equipment or SW that will be used in the company.

As an example, here are some of the topics covered most frequently:

  • New automation (course held in A.E.I. during in-house equipment testing)
  • Maintenance and programming (for maintenance technicians, for more details on PLC maintenance and to make small SW modifications independently)
  • Upgrades (for maintenance technicians with PLC experience, to keep up-to-date on new PLCs and programming languages)