To achieve this, it is important that the machine can provide both safety and productivity so that the operator can work in safe conditions.

This is why we working with customers, their engineering departments and their safety consultants to manage the safety functions of the machinery as flexibly and effectively as possible. For these functions A.E.I. mainly uses solutions based on safety PLCs and industrial buses. This allows us to manage all kinds of sensors/barriers (gates, safety encoders, laser scanners) and actuators. For the actuators, we use both “zone” management and control of individual actuators (solenoid valves, motors or drives). Specifically, we manage SLS and SSM safe speed controls using certified equipment.


Together with the motors, drives are the power core of the machine!

Choosing and dimensioning these components is critical to ensure the required performance and long fault-free service life without any unscheduled maintenance.
A.E.I. equipment contains only drives made by major brands that can guarantee the highest quality, reliability and spare parts availability, and that are therefore familiar to maintenance technicians.
This choice may initially seem costly, but we are convinced that the increased uptime of a system designed in this way means it offers a considerable economic benefit.


The choice of the main motors in a system is critical to achieving the required performance.

Thanks to our experience, we at A.E.I. can assist customers in defining and choosing motors, and supply them.
Specifically, where the performance of an existing system needs to be improved, for example by replacing DC motors with vector AC motors.
Implementing automatic motor recognition technologies, e.g. using Drive-CliQ connections between the motors and Siemens drives, can reduce set-up and maintenance times.


“Speak well, think well, do well” Zarathuštra.

The PLC is the brain of the machine. Its operation and performance affect the effectiveness of the system.
That is why at A.E.I. we use the main brands on the market. More complex regulations (such as regulating the cylinder gap in a rolling mill – AGC or fly cutting) that require a fast response are done by configuring and programming high-tech processing cards and control units offered by the major brands in the sector. We at A.E.I. consider the availability of spare parts essential to provide long-term system maintenance. For this reason we only use components from primary manufacturers that are readily available on the market.